How To Lose Money With Colorado Wine

Colorado wine

Yeast are very very viable and they will work extremely hard for you if you get them into an environment that’s extremely warm let’s say degrees or so they’re going to work especially a distiller’s yeast but the stores yeast.

Will ferment rapidly at about ninety degrees sometimes even higher than that but just remember that it’s going to produce like a sulfur odor if there’ll be this off odor to it that’s going to be pretty rank in the room it’ll make.

The house smell your wife will be very very upset with you matter of fact you’ll be unhappy it happens up here every once in awhile I Forget to leave the air conditioner on and I’ll come in in the morning.

I’ve got to open the windows and the doors and I Got to let it air out because it got too warm overnight and you started going crazy and we started to get this odor if you ferment at a lower temperature that odor is not present any longer so you know your yeast kind of take it easy but when they start to stress and um and there’s a lot of other things that can happen but trust me you or mash your wine all that is still fine it’s just that your yeast are really creating an odor and.

It really smells awful if you intend to do that one thing you can do is you can get an airlock and you can put a tube on top of the airlock and especially those -piece airlocks that’s got the small dome inside remove that take a half inch hose put it on top of that and run it out the window leave it set there and all that.

Gas will escape out the window or you can put in a small bucket outside the window so no air gets back in but that way at least that you know all that gas and odor it’s like flatulence in a way like somebody you know you know a bunch of people come to your house and you know one of the people in that room did something no one wants to admit it.

But everybody knows it’s there that’s kindof what it’s going to smell like it’ll be there for quite a while ok let’s get back to exactly what we’re doing here today and we’re going to start making our our Welch’s grape juice wine this is going to be a low concentrate alcohol.

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